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From left: Peter Muraski, Charles Friedrichs, Mike Stech, Shelby Temps, Randy Brown, Kathy Smith, Mark Hoffman, and Maureen Crist. Not present: Fred Nieberding and Dustin Zutterman

Marshall County Connection, Inc


Marshall County Connection, Inc. is a group of committed citizens organized and incorporated in 2006 in order to facilitate the transfer and development of the Kansas portion of this railbed into a public use area.


The current board of the Marshall County Connection includes Randy Brown, Maureen Crist, Charles Friedrichs, Mark Hoffman, Peter Muraski, Fred Nieberding, Kathy Smith, Mike Stech, Shelby Temps, and Dustin Zutterman.


Past board members include Steve O'Neal, Jason Brinegar, Burt Lord, Rob Peschel, and Megan Smith.                     

We are grateful for their contributions to the trail!


Join Us!

As we continue to develop the Blue River Rail Trail and maintain it for the enjoyment of all, donations are always welcome and appreciated.

Marshall County Connection, Inc.

c/o Maureen Crist

1129 Juniper Rd.

Marysville, KS 66508

From left: Fred Nieberding, Randy Brown, Mike Stech, Charles Friedrichs, Maureen Crist, Peter Muraski, and Burt Lord.

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From left: Maureen Crist, Randy Brown, Steve O'Neal, Burt Lord, Charles Friedrichs, and Rob Peschel


From left: Randy Brown, Jason Brinegar, Maureen Crist, Steve O'Neal, Rob Peschel and Burt Lord.

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